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Introducing the Airmark radio!
After a year of thorough research and development paired with over 60 years of radio design experience from our acquisition of Jay Electronique, we proudly present our all-in-one solution designed specifically for the North American overhead crane market. With Airmark, you no longer have to worry about the complexities of ordering and installing radios/receivers. We understand the importance of a simple, affordable, and efficient solution that requires minimal effort to quote, sell, install, and service. Airmark was engineered to meet the needs of the overhead crane industry, providing a much-needed improvement where other radio solutions fall short.
Unlike other overhead crane radio manufacturers, Airmark is the all-in-one,
cost-conscious radio solution that includes the following at a standard price:
  • Standard cane 3 motion 2 speed, Auxiliary Hoist, Tandem Hoist, Tandem Bridge
  • Easy programming without a power cycle or access to the receiver
  • Preinstalled indicator horn, light and antenna are included
  • Automatic transmit power for maximum battery life
  • Ergonomic primary and spare transmitter
  • Automatic channel selection
  • Pin code startup option
  • Adjustable time out
  • 2 year warranty
What comes in the kit:
1 Receiver 2X Transmitters 2X Lanyards
4X AA Batteries 2X Labels 1 Manual
Check out our how-to video playlist to learn how to use Airmark. It's easy with step-by-step guidance. Start watching now!
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