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The SinglePowerLine 812 conductor rail system is used as a standard product to power bridge, portal and process cranes, but can also be used in a wide variety of other applications such as amusement rides and people movers. For over 35 years, it is a specified, reliable, and approved product in these applications. As an insulated single-pole safety conductor rail, the contact-protected system meets requirements for conductor rails according to European (CE) and current international standards. With different insulation materials, the 0812 system can be used with  applications with conductor temperatures of up to 115 °C. This is equivalent to a constant ambient temperature of 85 °C at 100% duty cycle under continuous load .The conductor rail can temporarily withstand up to 125 °C. 

System Advantages: 

• Available in different conductor materials
• Finger-safe design
• Used around the world
• Modular, expandable system

• Can be formed into circular slip rings and curves either at the factory or on site

• Self-extinguishing insulation compliant with UL-94 standard

• Yellow safety-color

• Designed for 100% duty cycle according to European standards

• Self-aligning hanger clamps

• Seawater-resistant

• Special seamless and corrosionresistant process for connection of aluminum rails and stainless steel contact surfaces