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Conductix-Wampfler builds high-performance spring-driven cable reels in the USA, and has since 1946.  We manufacture dozens of standard designs in hundreds of configurations. The modular reels listed below are competitively priced and assembled from stocked components for quick delivery.  Need assistance?  The engineers and sales consultants at Conductix-Wampfler are experts at applying both spring-driven and motor-driven cable reels to industrial situations. While other reel manufacturers have reduced their custom engineering capabilities, we continue to meet the unique and demanding challenges of industrial users.

1200 Series PowerReel® - The best-built small spring driven cord reel on the market today. These industrial grade, precision machines will provide years of service with little or no maintenance.
1400 Series PowerReels® - Robust, industrial grade reels designed to manage larger and longer cables in a variety of applications.

1900 Series PowerReels® - The largest reels that we sell online today. Designed to manage over 100ft lengths and large gauge cable.

Click Here for the Cable Reels Specification Data Sheet.  Here you will find all of the factors you should consider when choosing the correct reel.

Reels are also available for special purposes, such as Grounding (static discharge), Welding Cables, and Hazardous Locations.

Don't see what you need?  We also offer larger reels from 19" to 36" in diameter.  

Would you like a Partners Account? Contact our Customer Service Team at 800-667-2487 or write an email to info.ca@conductix.com.